Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Animal Fats & Oils

Four cars of packer BFT traded at $0.2600 Chicago this afternoon with an additional four offered and unsold at that price. Tech tallow was offered at $0.3200 Chicago and unsold as of press time.

CWG trading was reported steady in trucks out of the Mo. River market, $0.2400 – 0.2500 with light volume reported as low as $0.2350 and as high as $0.2550. There was a bid for Chicago CWG at $0.2500, but no sales were reported as of press time. Sources indicated that the nearby CWG market, particularly the rail market, was well sold for Oct/Nov.

Yellow grease trading was lower out of the Illinois market, bottoming out at $0.2350. Carolinas action was lower as well, $0.2650 – 0.2700. Poultry fat action was steady out of the Mid South, but reported lower into the Carolinas and Delmarva markets. Given the weaker tone to the market, sellers seem to be discounting material in order to keep it moving.

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