Posted on Nov 17, 2017 in Animal Fats & Oils

Chicago renderer BFT remains offered and unsold at $0.2700. Tech tallow remains quiet and the market appears to be well sold for the 30 day position.

Choice white grease was lower out of the Mo. River market, $0.2300 – 0.2500. Indiana action was done in a range, $0.2450 – 0.2625. Biodiesel is active at the lower end of the range, while feed buyers are taking in material at the top. A need for CWG in the hog rations is helping keep those top levels in place despite the availablity of cheaper corn oil and yellow grease.

Figure 1.

The weekly average price of CWG Mo. River is shown against the average of the weekly averages of the Mo. River DCO and Illinois DCO markets for 2013 – 2017 YTD.

Corn oil traded as low as $0.2200 delivered Midwest today. Manly, IA action was reported $0.2500 – $0.2600 for Dec. Dec/Jan action in the IN/OH market was lower, $0.2600 – 0.2625 FOB.

Yellow grease trading was lower out of the Mo. River market, $0.2150 – 0.2300.