Posted on Sep 14, 2017 in Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil, and Grain

Weekly LCFS Credit Trading

Trading of LCFS credits during the week ending Sep 10th increased 2.2%.  Per California’s Air Resource board (CARB), 211,900 credits traded between Sept 4th and Sep 10th.  This is up 4,530 credits week over week and the fourth highest weekly volume seen this year. The trading activity during the week raised the year’s weekly average from 108,447 to 111,320 credits weekly.

CARB data shows that the price range the credits traded in held very close to what was seen the week before.  Credits traded between $70.00 and $95.00, with the average price being $88.84. The prior week saw a range of $71.00 and $97.00, with an average price of $88.83.  There were 20 transfers recorded during the week, 12 fewer than were recorded during the prior week but 5 more than the 2017 weekly average of 14 transfers per week.

The average CARB credit trading price is in line with the range outside brokers had been indicating the market to be over the same time frame. CARB’s weekly report excluded 5 transfers involving 22,636 credits that traded at, or near, zero in price. CARB only includes transfers that were completed in the given week.  Any transfers proposed and still pending confirmation are excluded.